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What is rukzuk?

rukzuk is a all-in-one platform to design, manage and publish websites. It combines design tool, content management system (CMS) and web hosting.

Which System requirements does my Computer have to meet to run rukzuk?

A computer with an internet connection and a modern browser are all you need. At the moment rukzuk works best in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. Apart from a browser, you don’t need to install any additional software. 

Which CMS does rukzuk use?

rukzuk’s CMS is entirely custom-built and not based on any existing CMS like Wordpress, Drupal or Typo3. There’s a couple of differences between those traditional systems and rukzuk:

  • Since the design tool is seamlessly integrated, no HTML templates must be coded. In rukzuk the complete template or layout can be designed visually and without any programming.
  • rukzuk delivers all the basic CMS functionality ’d expect, like pages, dynamic navigations, fine-grained editing rights and user groups.
  • The editing interface is easy to use and provides lots of visual feedback. Many of our users find it much easier than, say, Typo3.
  • In rukzuk editing interface and live website are completely separated. When you publish, we generate a static version of your site and push that to the production server. This brings a much higher level of security compared to other systems.
  • Updates happen automatically and we take care of any security updates.

Do I need to install rukzuk locally?

No. Neither you or your clients need to install anything to use rukzuk. Updates come regularly and are installed automatically. There’s virtually no maintenance on your part. You won’t need an IT department, just an internet connection and a modern browser.

Who is rukzuk built for?

We built rukzuk primarily for freelance designers and design agencies. We cover all steps in the process from design to client handoff. At no point do you need to worry about paying web developers or maintainance cost.

What browsers will the sites I build with rukzuk work in?

Sites built in rukzuk are optimized for the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer from version 10
  • Safari from version 7
  • as well as the mobile browser in iOS and Android

We make sure sites also work in Internet Explorer 9, but we can’t account for visual differences that may or may not show up. That’s due to our use of modern web technologies.

My client’s old website got hacked. Is rukzuk secure?

We can’t promise anything. But: In rukzuk the editing interface and live website are completely seperated. What gets pushed to your live server is just a static snapshot of your site. The admin interface lives on our own, Germany-based servers. That makes our system by design more secure than others. Also, we roll out updates multiple times each month and make sure you’re always on the latest version.

    Pricing and Plans

    What’s the difference between projects and live websites?

    Projects are the websites you’re working on. The number of projects you can have depends on your plan, for “Freelancer” it’s ten. Live websites are projects you published to the web. In the “Freelancer” plan you can have three of your ten projects published simultaneously.

    How do the different plans work?

    The main difference between the several plans is the number of projects and live websites you can have at the same time. If you’re just working on a single site, the “one” plan will be enough for you. When you have more websites to manage you’ll want a professional plan.

    The “Freelancer” plan, for example, lets you manage ten projects at a time and publish three of them. That means seven of your projects are private and only visible to you as you work on them, and three are live on the web. You can push finished projects from your space to your client’s at any time. That way your client is in control of their websie and you don’t have to worry about invoicing them every month.

    How do I hand off the monthly cost to my client?

    All professional plans let you hand off projects directly to your clients. Have your client buy a “one” subscription on their own account via a special link. You’ll then be able to log into their account and set up their site. This way, you don’t have to invoice your client monthly, they don’t take up your live websites and they are in control of their site. How this works exactly is explained in the tutorial.

    Is webspace included with my subscription?

    Yes. Webhosting comes with every paid plan. We give you the tools to publish your site in one click and connect your own domain.

    Can I upgrade my plan?

    Yes. You can upgrade to a higher plan at any time.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept payment via direct debit and MasterCard, AmericanExpress and VISA credit cards .

    How long does my subscription run and when do you charge me?

    As for monthly subscriptions, we will charge your card or bank account every month. You can unsubscribe by the end of the billing period. For yearly plans we charge one year in advance. You can cancel those at any time except within the last 30 days before the end of your subscription.

    Can I buy a plan with more than 50 projects?

    Write us an email to for custom enterprise plans.


      How can I upgrade my Account?

      You can upgrade your account to a higher-level subscription at any time in the customer area.

      How can I unsubscribe from my Subscription?

      You can unsubscribe via email to Make sure to send that email from the same adress you signed up. For confirmation, please mention the name of your rukzuk space and the unsubscription date.

      What happens to my data when I cancel my account?

      We delete all data that’s associated with your space, all projects and any live websites you might have on rukzuk hosting. Do make sure to download your projects on time. Live websites on external hosting will not be deleted. All client plans booked by our clients are independent and continue to run.

        rukzuk Webhosting

        Is webspace included with my subscription?

        Yes. Webhosting comes with every paid plan for each live website. We give you the tools to publish your site in one click and connect your own domain. A domain transfer is not necessary. Read the tutorial about that.

        Does rukzuk offer custom domains?

        No. At this time we do not offer custom domains. You can, however, set up your rukzuk project to work with a custom domain you or your client have bought elsewhere. We've got a tutorial about that. This has the advantage that no changes need to be made on existing email addresses.

        Can I subsequently switch from rukzuk hosting to external hosting?

        Yes. You can switch from rukzuk to external hosting at any time. Do keep in mind that any live data and your randomly generated rukzuk domain will be lost in the process.

        Does my live websites stay online after I cancel my subscription?

        Nope, sorry. We delete any websites from your rukzuk hosting on cancellation.

          External Live Server

          What System Requirements does my external Server have to meet?

          Your live server needs to have PHP 5.4 or higher installed. A database is not required. rukzuk will upload all data via FTP or SFTP. You can set the server configuration individuallly for each project. Check our tutorial for all details.

          “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING” appears when opening my site

          In this case your live server uses an outdated version of PHP. For rukzuk, PHP 5.4 or higher is required. In most cases, the PHP version can be configured in the administration interface for your web hosting provider. In doubt ask your provider or use the built-in rukzuk web hosting.

          Dates and shop prices are formatted in a wrong language

          Dates and numbers are formatted in the language set in the base module. The corresponding “locales” must be available on the live server. Additionally, the PHP extension “php5-intl” should be installed. In doubt ask your provider or use the built-in rukzuk web hosting.

          Why does publishing to my external server take so long?

          The following applies only if you’re using your own server instead of rukzuk hosting.
          It’s usually the media database. Depending on how big your project is, the media database can get hundreds of MB big. On top of that, some hosters limit the data transfer rate for FTP/SFTP connections.
          We try to push only files that have changed since the last time you published, but the process can stll take a couple of minutes in some cases.

          My images don’t show up on external hosting

          The following applies only if you’re using your own server instead of rukzuk hosting.
          Our image processing needs to store big amounts of data in the server memory, and under certain conditions exceed the server’s memory limit (memory_limit in the PHP configuation). Some hosters allow you to change that limit, anything above 128 MB is ideal. If that’s not an option, you’ll have to upload your images in a smaller resolution. Make sure the PHP GD Library is installed.

          Can I subsequently switch from external hosting to rukzuk hosting?

          Yes. You can switch from external hosting to rukzuk hosting at any time. Do keep in mind that any live server configuration will be lost.

          Do my live websites stay online after I cancel my subscription?

          Yes, if you’re using external hosting. We will, however, delete any data that’s associated with your rukzuk account. Do make sure to export or remind your client to export and archive any data in time.


            I’d like to attend a webinar, are they free?

            Yes, they’re all free. Upcoming events are usually announced on our Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to follow us there. We also give you access to the rukzuk project files we use in the webinars.

            Can I watch a webinar at a later time?

            Sure. We record all our webinars and upload them to our YouTube channel.

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