The complete process for exceptional websites in your hands

We unified design tool, CMS and web hosting.


Visual responsive web design

Design fluid websites visually. Their layouts adapt automatically to smartphones, tablets etc.

Design the final product

Differences between design mode and the published website no longer occur, because you’re designing directly in the browser. 

Update your layout with in-site-editing. The results are visible immediately.

Instant live testing on mobile devices

You can check your websites at any time on your mobile devices using the automatically generated QR code.

The base for your pages: Designs

Create an unlimited number of designs for as many pages as you need. If you change something in your design, it'll be updated in the page automatically.


Seamlessly integrated CMS

Allow others to manage their content independently. The integrated CMS gives you full control over the entire web design workflow in contrast to code generators like Adobe Edge Reflow, Macaw or Webflow.

Assign editing rights

If only some text, pictures or complete pages: You decide which parts of your design can be edited in the page mode once the design is complete.

Flexible content blocks

Combine any module and style to content blocks which editors can use on pages.

Create any number of pages

No matter how big your website project is: There is no limit to the number of pages you can add to your website.


Built-in web hosting

Webspace is already integrated into every rukzuk website. Every website can be published in one click.

Connect own domain

You have a custom domain? Connect it to your rukzuk website easily and it will be accessible at your domain.

Use external web hosting provider

As an alternative you can publish your website via FTP / SFTP to any independent web hosting provider.

More security

Live website and content management system are located on separate servers. That means a lot more safety than conventional CMS like Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla offer.

Design responsive websites now

30 days. Free of charge. Nonbinding.

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