Shop Settings

If you have already created the shop layout, all the product pages and necessary pages — one with the shopping cart and one with TOS — you are ready to set your shop settings.

    Open Project Settings

    The project settings are located in the rukzuk main menu.

    Open project settings in rukzuk main menu

    Shipping costs and operating countries

    You can set up your shipping costs in the project settings.

    You want to ship to Germany and Austria, then type:


    into the input field.

    The format is defined in the ISO-3166-1 and it consists of manadtory 2 digits. You will find more country codes here.

    Currency, VAT, Shipping Costs, Operating Countries

    Page with Shopping Cart and TOS

    For online stores certain legal requirements apply. You need to have general conditions and return policies. Choose the page with the appropriate information.

    In addition, you need a shopping cart page. You can choose individually a page.

    Choose TOS and Cart Page

    Payments options

    Choose the payment options you want to offer your clients:

    With PayPal your clients can pay really fast. Learn more here: How to set up PayPal as payment option.

    Choose Payment Options

    Custom email text for buyers and notification email address

    Finally, you can customize the notifications email address and the text to the buyers.

    You can customize in the last input field the message that appears as soon as the payment is done.

    E-mail text for buyer, after buy message, notification address
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