PayPal as payment option

If you offer PayPal as a payment option, your customers have the option to place an order directly by credit card - e.g. MasterCard or VISA. In addition, your customers will be able to see their order right in their PayPal account.

In order to offer PayPal as a payment option, you need a PayPal signature. This ensures that client payment is safe and easy.

    1. PayPal signup

    Login into Paypal with your credentials.

    You don’t have a PayPal login? No problem, you can easily signup for free.

    PayPal Login

    2. PayPal profile

    After you have logged in you will see the summary. Under ”Selling with PayPal“ on the left side, click on  “Seller preferences”.

    PayPal Summary

    3. Selling preferences – API access

    Click “Update” on „API access“.

    PayPal Update API access

    4. API Access

    You will see two options now. Choose the right option by clicking on “Request API credentials”.

    PayPal API Access

    5. Request API Credentials

    Choose the left option “Request API signature” and click the button “Agree and Submit”.

    PayPal Request API Credentials

    6. View API Signature

    PayPal generates a whole bunch of information. Write it down and bring it over to your rukzuk project.

    PayPal API Signature

    7. Open project settings

    Login into your rukzuk space.

    Open the desired project.

    In the rukzuk main menu you click on “Project Settings”.

    Open Project Settings

    8. Insert API Signatur

    Under “Shop Settings › PayPal Express” type in your “API username”, your „API password“ and your „API signature“.

    Insert API Signature Credentials into the shop settings
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