Create Pages: Products, Cart & TOS

After you have created the layouts, you can create the different required pages and fill them with your content.


            You need for your online shop:

            • One page with a product list e.g. named „Home“
            • One or more product pages
            • One Page „Cart“ with the „Shopping Cart“ module
            • One page with your TOS
            Sitemap for your onlineshop

            Homepage with product list

            On the home page (in the example: "Home") you add into the Page Block area a text box and the product list.

            Now you choose for the starting point “Home”. All Products pages that are located below this page will automatically appear in this list.In our example these are “Product 1”, “Product 2” and  “Product 3”

            Home page with product list

            Create product pages

            Up next you create these three product pages. Choose as base of the new page the type Product – in this example the layout “Products”. The price tag icon next to the layout name show you which type it is.

            Your inputs – product name, Description, Image, Price and Date – automatically appear in the Product details and the product list.

            Add Product page

            Add the product detail page block. Now the information you have entered are automatically displayed.

            You can add further information on the page by adding more page blocks e.g. a textfield and an image gallery.

            Close and save the page. Create more pages with the same procedure.

            Add Product Content via Page Blocks

            Shopping Cart

            Create a page and add within the page block are the “Shopping Cart”-module.

            Shopping Cart on Cart Page

            TOS page

            Finally create the TOS page.

            Create Page with TOS
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