Online Shop — Basic procedure

If you want to integrate an online store in your rukzuk website, then you are in the right place. In these tutorials you will find all the information you need to build your online shop.

If you create a new project, select the site template “Shop Wireframe”. There you will find the following implemented four steps:

          1. Create Layouts

          The basis for your online store: your layouts. In these you set up page-blocks for the product details, product list and the cart.

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                  2. Add required Sites

                  After creating your layout, create and fill the different product sites, the cart and the TOS sites.

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                  3. Set Project Settings

                  Finally set all project settings for your online shop:

                  • Currency and VAT
                  • Shipping Costs and Operating Countries
                  • The two sites with the cart and the TOS
                  • Payment options (PayPal, Invoice, Bank transfer)
                  • Email Text to clients
                  • Email address for notifications

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                    4. Enable PayPal as payment option

                    If you offer PayPal as a payment option, your clients get the abillity to pay a order straight via credit card — e.g. with Mastercard or VISA.

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