Publishing your website

To have your rukzuk project available on the web for other people to see you'll have to publish it. This tutorial covers:

  • How to publish a website for the first time
  • How to publish changes to an existing website
  • How to create and manage different versions of your website

    Publishing a website for the first time

    When you publish a website for the first time, we ask whether you want to use integrated or external webhosting. In most cases we recommend going with rukzuk webhosting which comes with all plans. It requires no setup and you can go on to publish your site immediately.

    1. Select "Publish" from the main menu.
    2. Select "rukzuk webhosting"
    3. Click "Publish"
    4. rukzuk will now create a production-ready, self-contained version of your website. You can add a comment to that version if you like.
    5. rukzuk will deploy that new version to the live server. Your site will be available at a private address like http://<123-456> within a few minutes.
    6. Follow this tutorial to connect a custom domain to your website.

    If you want to publish to external hosting, refer to this tutorial

    Publishing changes to an exising website

    Select "Publish" from the main menu and click "Publish". Just like with first-time publishing, rukzuk will build a new version and push it to the server. You'll be able to access the old version from the publishing dialogue.

    Note: If the publishing button is not visible for you, that means you don't have permission to publish the website. Contact your website's administrator.


    rukzuk lets you create and manage multiple versions of your website. A version contains all the data, contents and images your site uses at the time of the version being created. This might come in handy when you accidentally published changes too early and need to quickly deploy an older version instead.

    You can create new versions independently from publishing. Open the publishing dialogue, click "Create Version" and optionally type in a comment. Once you hit "OK" rukzuk will build and save the new version.

    You can download or publish saved versions at any point. rukzuk lets you manage up to five different versions of your site at a time.

    Note: When you hit the save button while you're working on a page or layout rukzuk will not create a new version.

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