Publishing to External Webhosting

While we encourage you to use our included webhosting, you can also publish to external webhosting if you know what you're doing. For this to work your hosting provider must support PHP 5.4. A database isn't required.

This tutorial will cover to ways to publish to external webspace:

  1. Automatic deployment to the live server via FTP of SFTP
  2. Uploading Files Manually

Automatic Deployment

You will need FTP of SFTP access credentials to your server. You can get those from your hosting company.

In the publishing dialogue, click on "Live Server Configuration", "External Hosting" and enter your FTP credentials.

Host: Your live server's address, either IP-Address or Domain name works.

Base Directory: The target folder on the live server. In most cases you can leave this empty.

Protocol: Regular FTP or encrypted SFTP (if your hosting company supports it)

From here, publishing works exactly the same way as with rukzuk hosting.

Note: You can edit these credentials at any time via the cog icon in the publishing dialogue.

Note: In case your website was published on rukzuk hosting before, click the bin icon in the publishing dialogue to delete that live website befoŕe you set up your external hosting.

Uploading Files Manually

If you don't have public FTP/SFTP access to your live server, you can still upload your website manually. In this case, just leave the FTP credentials form empty.

  1. In the publishing dialogue, click on "Create Version", optionally enter a comment and hit "Okay". The new version will show up on top of the version overview.
  2.  In the version overview, click the small download icon to get a zip file with all the files your website will need to work.Unpack that zip file on your machine.
  3. Connect to your live server with an FTP program like "FileZilla" (Mac, Windows and Linux).
  4. Upload all files from the "website" folder to your live server.
  5. Use your FTP to give writing permission to any files and folders listed in the "writable.txt" file.

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