Connecting your own Domain: GoDaddy

This tutorial covers how to connect a GoDaddy domain to your rukzuk website.

  1. Open the Publishing Dialogue from the main menu and select included rukzuk webhosting.
  2. Type in your domain without "http://" but including "www", for example: ""
  3. Click Save and Publish

Note: You can access and change these settings at any time via the "settings" icon in the publishing dialogue.

Next, log into your GoDaddy account.

  • Open the Domains menu.
  • Click on Manage My Domains to get to domain configuration.

You should see an overview of all the domains you own. Find the domain you want to use for your rukzuk project.

  • Click the "Settings" Icon and select Domain Details from the menu.

    This takes you to the configuration screen for this particular domain.

    • Select the DNS Zone File Tab
    • Click Add Record to start setting up your domain.

      You should see an overlay that lets you manage all sorts of domain records. We'll be creating the A-Record first.

      • Select A (Host) from the dropdown menu
      • For "Host" type in your domain name without "www". For example ""
      • For "Points to" type in the following IP address:
      • Click Add Another

        Let's add the CNAME record next.

        • Select CNAME (Alias) from the dropdown menu
        • For "Host" type in your domain name with "www". For example ""
        • For "Points to" type in:
        • Click Finish

          This will close the overlay and take you back to the settings screen.

          • Click Save Changes.

          That's it. Your site should show up at your domain within a couple of minutes. In some cases it might take up to 24 hours.

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