Connecting your own Domain

A domain is the address people can find your website at, something like Domains are sold by a number of companies like GoDaddy, United Domains, Host Europe or domainFactory. Which company you buy your domain from is up to you, they all work just fine with rukzuk. Once you've registered a domain, you can connect it to your rukzuk website. You don't need to transfer your domain.

Do keep in mind that you only need to buy the domain and possibly email accounts. Webhosting (sometimes referred to as webspace) comes with your rukzuk subscription.

If you have a domain ready to go, follow these steps to connect it to your rukzuk website.

  1. Open the Publishing Dialogue from the main menu and select included rukzuk webhosting.
  2. Type in your domain without "http://" but including "www", for example: ""
  3. Click Save and Publish

Note: You can access and change these settings at any time via the "settings" icon in the publishing dialogue.

Next, log into your domain company's admin area. Look for "DNS" or "Domain Settings" to make the following settings:

  1. Set you www subdomain's ( CNAME Record to
  2. Set the A-Record for your top-level domain ( to this IP address:

Your website should be available at your domain within a couple of minutes. On some occasions it can take up to 24 hours for your website to show up.

Where do I find these DNS settings?

We've made detailed walkthroughs of how to make these settings for these domain companies:

Other companies will follow soon. If you're having trouble finding these settings, contact your domain company. They'll be able to provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set CNAME and A-Records correctly.

Availability with and without www subdomain

For every top-level domain ( your domain company will let you set up subdomains (, It's generally a good pratice to have your website available at both the top-level domain and the www subdomain. We've set up a redirecting service that automatically takes people to your website even if they typed in the address without www. So if they typed in, they will be taken to The redirecting service should work immediately once you've set everything up correctly.

CNAME not an option?

If your domain company doesn't allow custom CNAME records or you want to connect a domain without subdomain, use an A-Record to instead. Do keep in mind however that this points specifically to our server's IP address. In case we upgrade our servers, you'll have to manually update that A-Record to match our new IP. With a CNAME record, your website will stay up even if we change our IP address.

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