Multilingual Websites in rukzuk

With rukzuk you can also create multilingual websites. The best way is to create home pages for each language on the first level which will include all content pages.

A layout for each language

It is recommended to have one layout for each language. You can duplicate an existing layout.

A layout for each language

Set language in layout

Define the language in the tab “Language” in the properties of the root module.

Set language in layout

Creating the page structure

Your page structure for a bilingual website could look like:

  • en
    • products
    • service
    • contact
  • de
    • Produkte
    • Service
    • Kontakt

    In our example, the pages “en” and “de” are the home pages for each language.

    In this case, the English home page appears first when you open the website since it's the first page in the page structure.

    Creating the page structure for bilingual websites

    Language switching

    A language switch can be realized with the navigation module.

    Alternatively, you can use single link modules and link the respective home pages.

    Language switching

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