Editors and Editing Rights

rukzuk comes with an integrated content management system – which means you can have other people, like your clients, maintain the content of their website. You decide in detail which elements may be edited. With this tutorial we want to show you how to set editing rights, create new users and user groups.

Set Page Editing Rights

Make module properties editable on the pages by toggling the lock icon.

You can set the editing rights for every tab individually. In this example, editors will be able to choose the image and adjust its height, but not the image quality. It’s locked, so that it stays the same across all pages.

The page editing rights you set in the layout apply on every page and to every user, including yourself.

Page editing rights

Create a User Group

  • Open the rukzuk main menu and click "User groups and rights"
  • Click "New" and name the user group
Creating a User Group

Rights of the User Group

  • Click on "Pages"
  • Define which pages are supposed to be editable and whether new pages can be created

You can make all pages editable at once by ticking  "This user group is allowed to edit all pages and create new pages".

  • Click on "Save"
Rights of the User Group

Set Publishing Rights

  • Click on "More"
  • Define whether the users in this group can publish the site
  • Click "Save" again and close the dialog
Rights for Publishing

Create a New User

  • Open the rukzuk main menu, click on "User"
  • Click on "New"
  • Enter the user's name and e-mail address
  • Click on "Next"

Note: If the checkbox "is superuser" is ticked, the user has all editing rights for both pages and layouts, regardless of their user groups.

Note: Unlike user groups, individual users work system-wide. If a user should edit multiple projects, simply add them to the group of each project.

    Creating a New User

    Assign User to Group

    • Select the previously created user group
    • Click on the + symbol
    • Click on "Save"
      Assign User to Group

      Send Password Email

      • Select the user in the user list and click on "Send password email"
      • The user will get an email that lets them set their password 

      Alternatively, you can edit the user and set a password on their behalf.

          Send Password Email


          The new user can now log into your rukzuk space (https://<space-name>.rukzuk.io) with their email adress and password.

          They will only see the projects they’re assigned to.


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