Booking Client Plans – Transfer projects to clients

In every professional plan you are able to transfer your projects directly to your client. Your client can subscribe to the “ONE” plan on his own bill. You get access to their space and can transfer the project to them. This way there will be no complicated invoicing for you and your client takes responsibility for their website.

Download client project

Download the required client project from your rukzuk space.

Export and download client project

Send link to client

Login into your customer area. Copy the link and send it to your client, for example via email.

Customer area

Client subscribes to independent “ONE” Plan

With the link your client can subscribe to the “ONE” plan for 9,90€ instead of 12€ on his own bill. This way there will be no complicated invoicing for you.

Orderview for Clients

Login and import project

In your customer area you keep track of all your clients.

Open the independent client space and enter your rukzuk login. Import and setup the project.

Login and Import project in client space

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