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Because making a good newsletter system is challenging and there are companies out there who do a really good job, our platform doesn’t have a built-in feature for sending email newsletters. But we're happy to recommend MailChimp. They offer a solid product and great support, so we built a module to make integrating their service into our platform as easy as possible.

This tutorial covers integrating a signup form for your MailChimp newsletter into your website. 

Set up your MailChimp account

Sign up for MailChimp (they also have a free plan).

Follow their tutorials to set up a list for your newsletter.

Once you've done that, open the details view for that list and click the Signup forms tab. Next, click General forms to get to their form designer. 

Signup forms for MailChimp newsletter lists

Design the Form

Create a signup form using their form designer. Add as many fields as you need, but don’t set any colours or fonts. We'll do that later in rukzuk.

You can change the default language under the tab Translate it.

Again, they have great tutorials on using the form builder if you get stuck.

Design MailChimp newsletter forms

Get the Embed Code

Once you've finished your signup form, head back to the overview and to the Embedded forms section.

MailChimp embedded forms

Choose your Code

This gives you different options for embed codes. Generally, we recommend using the Classic style as it includes things like inline field validation, asynchronous form submission and some nice default styling.

However, if you need full control over the design of the form, use the Naked variant.

You'll be able to customize the look and feel of either one in rukzuk later.

Get the MailChimp embed code

Insert the Embed Code

Now open the rukzuk project and layout where you want to use the signup form.

Insert a Newsletter with MailChimp module from the module menu.

Copy and paste MailChimp's embed code into the textarea in the module settings. Your signup form should show up and work once you refresh the preview.

Inserting the MailChimp embed code

Customize the Form

Our module gives you a whole bunch of selectors to work with. Use these and any of our styles to get the form to look just the way you like.

Styling the signup form

Publish your Site and Start Collecting Subscribers

Once you publish your site, people will be able to sign up for your newsletter. Refer to MailChimp’s Knowledge Base for more information on designing, sending and analysing your first email newsletter to your new subscribers.

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