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  • User Interface Overview

    A quick overview of our powerful interface to help you get up to speed.

  • Responsive Design

    rukzuk’s design mode lets visually create responsive layouts that look great across all screen sizes.

  • Styling Websites with Styles

    Use the poweful styling modules to build your designs.

  • Page Blocks – Making pages more adaptable

    As you know, you build pages in rukzuk using layouts. Because the content of individual pages often varies, we came up with page blocks. The "page block area" module lets you mark areas in your layout that user-defined components called “page blocks” can be dropped into as needed when building the page.

  • Grid Module

    The Grid module lets you build complex layouts that work on different screen sizes.



  • Editors and Editing Rights

    Allow others such as your clients to maintain the contents of their website. You decide in detail what elements may be edited. Learn in this tutorial how to set editing rights and create new users.

  • Multilingual Websites

    With rukzuk you can also create multilingual websites. The best way is to create home pages for each language on the first level which will include all content pages.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    What to do to get my website listed in Google's search results?

  • Booking Clients Plans

    In every professional plan you are able to transfer your projects directly to your client. Your client can subscribe to the “ONE” plan on his own bill. You get access to their space and can transfer the project to your clients space. This way there will be no complicated invoicing for you and your client takes responsibility for his website.

  • Using Adobe Typekit Webfonts

    rukzuk comes with built-in support for Google webfonts, but you can also use fonts from other providers like Typekit.

Online Shop

  • Basic Procedure

    If you want to integrate an online store in your rukzuk website, then you are in the right place. In the online shop tutorials you will find all the information you need to build your online shop.

  • Create Product Layout

    A new layout of the type “Product” is essential for your online shop. In this tutorial you will learn how to create one.

  • Pages

    After you have created the layouts, you can create the different required pages and fill them with your content. One page with a product list, one or more product pages, one with the „Shopping Cart“ module and one with your TOS.

  • Shop Settings

    Once you have created the shop layout, all the product pages and necessary pages — one with the shopping cart and one with TOS — you can set your shop settings.

  • PayPal as Payment Option

    If you offer PayPal as a payment option, your customers have the option to place an order directly by credit card - e.g. MasterCard or VISA. In addition, your customers will be able to see their order right in their PayPal account.


Connecting Custom Domains

External Content

Getting Started

  • Layouts and Pages

    Understand rukzuk's concept of layouts and pages

  • Styling

    Learn how styles in rukzuk work and relate to modules.

  • Responsive Design

    Get the basic principles of responsive design in rukzuk.

  • Publishing

    Learn how rukzuk goes about publishing your projects.

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