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What is rukzuk?

rukzuk is an all-new one-stop shop tool that combines web design Software, Content Management System and webhosting to revolutionize the web design workflow. From now on designers never need to write another line of code, though code-minded designers and developers can still choose to code their own modules and styles. Once the website's design is complete, editors can easily update and publish the finished website, no additional webspace is needed, since webhosting is already inclusive.

What is rukzuk for?

Thanks to rukzuk, designers are able to create websites faster and more independently than ever before. Until now the old web design process required a layout to be created by a designer using a graphic program like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. The design was then translated into HTML/CSS before being integrated into a content management system — all of which required a developer. rukzuk sums up the entire process in one tool, which saves time, money, and avoids duplicate work.

  • Coding knowledge and a web developer are no longer necessary to create an individual website.
  • rukzuk has adopted the slogan "What You See Is What It Really Is”, describing how users have the ability to design websites directly in their browser. Throughout the web design process the website is viewed in real time giving users constant control over the end result.
  • Responsive layouts for smart phones, tablets and desktops are designed visually in rukzuk using the program's Visual Responsive Web Design.
  • In contrast to code generators like Adobe Edge Reflow, rukzuk’s content management system (CMS) is already built-in.
  • rukzuk creates production-ready websites that can be published in one click. Webhosting comes already included and even custom domains can be connected easily. External hosting stays still possible though – every web hosting provider that supports PHP can be used.
  • Multiple websites can be managed simultaneously from a user’s central rukzuk space.
  • Security updates are unnecessary since only the website itself is stored on the live server — not the entire CMS.

Who needs rukzuk?

Everybody, who wants to design websites independently and professionally, but without wasting time and money on coding the website.

  • Designers who want to design websites freely and professionally, but without wasting time and money on coding. Freelancing designers who create websites that must strictly adhere to customer specification or corporate guidelines. Content editing can be done by the clients independently.
  • Agencies who need to create last-minute websites for pitches or presentations. The big difference between rukzuk and mockup or prototyping tools is that you can publish the internet-ready websites instantly.
  • Companies and organizations who manage a huge amount of websites simultaneously. rukzuk is the ideal solution to create microsites, landing pages, single product sites, event websites and all kinds of websites.
  • Developers who code new modules to expand the functionality of rukzuk. rukzuk itself does not generate code, it's generated from within the modules, which can be modified and extended at any time.

How does rukzuk work?

Users use rukzuk to build websites by combining a flexible element called a Module. Modules are combined to create the structure and design of a website. Each module has a specific function, for example: a gallery, a navigation element, a form or simply a box.

To create a website: select an existing design — or start with a new one — and fill it with content using the modules. Styles and effects can be applied to each of the modules; from font formatting to backgrounds and CSS3. Once the site is complete, designers specify which modules can be edited by a client.

The completed design then serves as the template for the pages of a website. The final result can consist of unlimited pages and never-ending creative possibilities. Easily transfer the finished website from rukzuk to virtually any web hosting provider. The end result: A well-designed, live website without having written a single line of code. 

Why did we create rukzuk?

The idea was born at SEITENBAU GmbH,an IT-service company and web agency with over 100 employees, based in Constance, Germany. The development of rukzuk is the product of many years of experience working with various content management systems for private companies of all sizes and public administrations.

Regardless of which CMS was used, there were always the same problems with the classic web design workflow: the layout had to be created by a designer using a graphic program like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Fireworks. The design was then translated into HTML/CSS. At the end of the process the final website had to be integrated into a content management system, all of which required a developer. The live website was never equal to the original design and the smallest changes led to starting the process all over again.

Ten years ago we started developing the first prototypes, which aimed to integrate the creative process into a CMS. From this base, the development of rukzuk began 2010. Client projects for ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG and Deutsche Telekom AG have been realised using even the preliminary versions of the program.

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