A growing business needs a growing team

We are the faces of the rukzuk AG

Sebastian Roller – CEO

Sebastian Roller

Jakob Schröter – Product Manager

Jakob Schröter
Product Manager 

Peter Schramm – Head of UX and Design

Peter Schramm
Informations Designer 

Karl Glatz – Developer

Karl Glatz

Heiko Schwarz – Developer

Heiko Schwarz

Jochen Fuchs – Head of Online Marketing

Jochen Fuchs
Marketing Manager

Michael Trunner (Developer)
Edmund Wagner (Developer)
Viola Vogel (Support)

rukzuk Facts

Our most important milestones

2010 the development of rukzuk started at SEITENBAU GmbH,  an IT-company at the Lake of Constance with over 100 employees.

The rukzuk AG was established in the beginning of 2013. In the summer of the same year the public beta started and since July 2014 rukzuk runs commercially.

In spring 2014 FLYERALARM, Germanys biggest B2B online printer, took part in rukzuk.

The idea behind rukzuk

rukzuk is based on the experience over many years with several Content Management Systems for big and small clients of the corporate sector and public administration. All systems used led to the same issue with the classic web design workflow: The layout, made by a designer in a graphic program (e.g. Adobe Photoshop oder Adobe Fireworks), gets translated to HTML/CSS and is as well as the configuration of the CMS realised by a developer. This conversion never equals the preliminary version (different font rendering, padding and margin, view in different browsers and devices,…), what means that for every tiny detail, the whole process starts all over again.

rukzuk is a web-based system, that enables agencies, communication- and web designers, to draw and design a website freely without writing a single line of code and configure it for other people to edit the content of the site easily. They can make use of a numerous amount of tools and responsive layouts, that adjust to different devices, as smartphones, tablets and desktops. Thanks to the integrated web hosting, rukzuk covers the whole process of website production.

Working at rukzuk

Our experience shows that the best results are delivered by teams of motivated and happy people. To communicate boldly, to enjoy working together and to act responsibly are basic requirements in our every day work life.

Apart from salary rukzuk offers attractive ancillary payment services. Including interesting models of deferred compensation, like tax- and insurance-free grants for child care, lunch coupons, occupational pension and the possibility to make use of a company car. And you can of course always take one of our canoes and paddle down the Rhine. 

Wanna work at rukzuk? Write us to jobs@rukzuk.com

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