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Need more than 50 projects? We’re happy to discuss individual enterprise plans on request.

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All Plans Include


A project consists of a website incl. layouts and pages, the media database, user groups and the color scheme. A website can contain an unlimited number of pages which are based on multiple layouts. You can duplicate, download and upload complete projects.

Live Websites & Hosting

Live websites are projects which are published and online. You can publish projects directly to rukzuk's integrated webspace and connect a custom domain. Or publish your website on every external webspace from a provider of your choice via SFTP/FTP. Each professional plan covers a different amount of projects and live websites.

Transfer Projects to Clients

In every professional plan you are able to transfer projects to your client. Your client can subscribe to the “ONE” plan on his own bill. You get access to their space and can transfer the project to your clients space. This way there will be no complicated invoicing for you and your client takes responsibility for his website.

Seamlessly Integrated CMS

Allow others to manage their content independently. The seamlessly integrated Content Management System gives you full control over the entire web design workflow in contrast to code generators like Adobe Reflow, Webflow or Macaw. You decide which parts of your layout can be edited in page mode. You can assign editing rights to each element of a website independently.

Integrated Online Shop

You can create customizable online shops. You find all your required modules – Shopping cart, product property, product list – in your rukzuk space. You have no limitation in the number of products. rukzuk offers payment in advance, invoice and PayPal as payment options.

rukzuk Module Set with over 50 Modules

The easiest way to create websites with rukzuk is to use our modules. There are modules for Navigation, Sliders, SVG graphics, Grid Layouts, Vimeo, YouTube, iFrames, Sitemaps, Lightboxes, Google Maps and many more and we are constantly new ones. If this is not enough, with our Studio & Agency plan we give you the freedom to develop your own modules, which gives you even more possiblities for your creative ideas and no limits for your website design.

Unlimited Pages

The number of pages within a website is not limited. You and your clients are free to create as many pages as needed for each website. Pages can be easily rearranged via drag & drop in the tree view. 

Auto Updates

With rukzuk you’re always up to date. We continuously update all rukzuk spaces and install them immediately. Other vendors provide only one or two downloadable software patches per year. We at rukzuk update and deliver them several times a month.

Fair Terms

The monthly subscription can be canceled anytime to the end of the payment period, the yearly plan with 1 month’s notice prior to the end of the payment period.

Support & Helpdesk with a Fantastic Knowledge Base

We leave nobody behind. Whether you’re looking for support or need information on a specific topic — you can always ask our product and support teams to optimize your rukzuk experience. Besides that, we provide you a wide range of tutorials, examples and extensive documentation in our helpdesk.

FAQ – Top 5

What’s the difference between projects and live websites?

Projects are the websites you’re working on. The number of projects you can have depends on your plan, for “Freelancer” it’s ten. Live websites are projects you published to the web. In the “Freelancer” plan you can have three of your ten projects published simultaneously.

Which CMS does rukzuk use?

rukzuk’s CMS is entirely custom-built and not based on any existing CMS like Wordpress, Drupal or Typo3. 

Is webspace included with my subscription?

Yes. Webhosting comes with every paid plan. We give you the tools to publish your site in one click and connect your own domain.

Can I setup a custom domain?

Yes. We've got a tutorial about that. This has the advantage that no changes need to be made on existing email addresses.

How long does my subscription run and when do you charge me?

As for monthly subscriptions, we will charge your card or bank account every month. You can unsubscribe by the end of the billing period. For yearly plans we charge one year in advance. You can cancel those at any time except within the last 30 days before the end of your subscription.

You can’t find the right answer?

Just look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

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