rukzuk is Open Source!

What does this mean?

It means that as of now the source code of rukzuk is publicly available at GitHub. Everyone with a little technical knowledge can now run the software on their own servers and participate in the development of rukzuk.

Why do we do that?

Open Source Software increases safety for users in many ways. Not only in terms of the actual IT security but not least in terms of long-term availability and reliability. These are extremely important criteria when choosing a platform with which you would like to work for a long term. Therefore, we are confident that this measure will strengthen confidence in rukzuk and extremely promote the spread.

This gives us another important unique selling point over our competitors. This is particularly interesting in light of the internationalization of rukzuk. Of course, we also hope for contributions of other developers, not least in the development of other language versions.

And how will we make money then?

Fact is: The publication of rukzuk as open source means that users with appropriate technical skills can install and use rukzuk for free. Our business model as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) is not affected by this, however. We continue to offer rukzuk as Hosted Solution with support at the known rates. The actual value is not just in the software per se but in the services around it. And this of course is also useful for the spread of rukzuk.

Where do I find the source code of rukzuk?

The source code is publicy available on GitHub under the URL We have also created a so-called Docker image, which helps you installing rukzuk quickly on your own server. This can be found under

How can I run rukzuk on my own server? What are the system requirements?

rukzuk is a complex software that was designed from the beginning for the management of multiple websites. Therefore rukzuk can not be installed on a normal shared hosting account. It requires a dedicated server or a virtual server. On our GitHub page you can find detailed information about the system requirements.

We recommend using our Docker image. A good introduction to Docker can be found under

A guide on how to install Docker on your (virtual) server, you'll find under Some vendors such as Digital Ocean have already pre-configured packages with installed Docker.

How do I connect a domain?

The open source version of rukzuk currently supports only the internal hosting, this means that the live websites are stored right in the rukzuk installation. To connect a domain with rukzuk, you have to let show the A-Record and the CNAME "www" of the DNS settings of your domain to the IP address of your (virtual) server. In rukzuk you have then to connect the domain to the site you want. This goes as follows:

  • Open the Publishing Dialogue from the main menu.
  • Click on to the gear icon and type in your domain without "http://" but including "www", for example: ""
  • Click Save and Publish the website again

How can I install rukzuk on my pc or mac for testing?

Just use the Docker image. There is a simple way to install Docker on your PC or Mac. It works like this:

  1. Download the so called Docker Toolkit under
  2. Install the software. You find manuals under and
  3. Start "Kitematic" and type in "rukzuk" in the search field and download the image. Then you can start rukzuk via the user interface of Kitematic. You don't need a personal Docker account, you can skip this step.
  4. Alternatively you can load and start the Docker image directly in the virtual machine via the command line interface. You find the commands for that under
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