Modules for every purpose

We deliver you a comprehensive set of modules for your website projects.

Modules are the basic steps on the way to your web design.

Take a look at our great range of modules for your usecase, such as sliders, navigations, lightboxes, svg-vector-graphics, video modules to embed your Vimeo and YouTube videos, iframes, sitemaps, grids, multi-column-boxes, Google Maps, … and many more.

Responsive grid? Fluid layout? Fixed width?

Whether grid layout or absolute positioning: Our modules allow you to realize your very unique layout. The adaptation to mobile devices is easier than ever.

Styles for all modules

Design modules down to the last detail. Rounded corners, drop shadow, gradients, transformation, icons,  even using custom webfonts and Google fonts is easy.

Individual modules for your clients needs

React to your clients individual needs by developing own modules and styles. The input fields can be created directly in rukzuk.

Design responsive websites now

30 days. Free of charge. Nonbinding.

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