rukzuk Trial limited to 30 days

Max Köhler

Up until now, you could try rukzuk for as long as you wanted. After careful consideration, we have decided to limit this free trial phase to 30 days.

You will still be able to test all of rukzuk’s features to their full extent, but we will lock your account if you don’t decide to buy a professional plan witin 30 days.

Your projects will be saved for another 30 days after that, so if you decide to buy a professional plan, you’ll be able to continue right where you left off. After a total of 60 days without upgrading to a professional plan, your data will be lost.

If you need an extended trial, please get in touch with our customer support team at or on Twitter @rukzuk.


(Image Credit: Calendar by Dafne Cholet / used under CC BY 2.0 / Adjusted in contrast)

Why we made this descision

Having an unlimited trial phase is nice, especially for a tool as complex and feature-rich as rukzuk. It also brings with it a whole bunch of problems.

Better Statistics

An unlimited trial phase makes it difficult to measure important business data, most importantly conversion rates. We were having a hard time figuring out if our different marketing efforts were actually effective or not. With an unlimited trial, someone who learned about rukzuk through, say, a blog post in January might only buy a plan months later. We then have no way of knowing what exactly drove that decsision. A limited trial makes those statistics a lot more precise and easier to obtain.

Server Capacity

Additionally, we found that some users never actually use the app after their initial signup. Those unused accounts could potentially sit in our database forever, using up disk space and and server recources unnecessarily. This becomes increasingly severe with the rising number of users (currently approx. 10,000). A limited trial phase lets us manage the amount of “dead data” on our servers more effectively.

Why 30 days?

As for the  time period of 30 days, we looked at our internal data to find out at what time people are actually comfortable to buy a professional plan. It turns out, the vast majority of people who decide to buy rukzuk do so within the first two to three weeks of testing. We think 30 days gives a large enough margin for everyone to find out if rukzuk is for them or not.

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