Sprint 43: Setting up for the Shop Platform

Max Köhler

March was another busy month for us. Our developers had their heads deep in the new shop platform. The marketing team started preparing the launch of that platform and published insights on modern SEO.

Testimonials on the Homepage

We get a lot of great feedback from both our users and media. We built a dedicated showcase for that and also started to showcase some quotes on the home page.

SEO Blog Posts

Our support team gets lots of questions about optimising rukzuk websites for search engines. SEO is a very deep topic, and a support email probably isn’t the right place to cover it. Jochen, our Head of Marketing wrote a comprehensive guide to modern SEO, clearing up a lot of misconceptions and giving solid, practical advice. Find part one through five on our blog. We will continue the series in the next sprint.

PayPal integration for the shop platform

Our development team built a solid PayPay integration for our new shop platform. If you plan to offer your customers PayPal as a payment option, that’s going to be as simple as ticking a box and filling out your account details.

Extensive Shop Tutorials

In preparation for the launch of the shop platform, we produced a series of tutorials to make it easier for you to build online shops with rukzuk. The tutorials are:

Shop Website Template

To get you up and running with the shop platform as quickly as possible we put together a new website template for you to use as a baseline. It has all the modules in the right places so you can focus on designing your shop.

Looking into the emails we send out

As we get more users, we have to send out more and more transactional emails. We looked into both the content of those emails and the app we use to send them out. The fine people at Iterable gave us a tour of their new app, but we have yet to make a final decision.

Minor Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the image cropping tool to stop working under certain circumstances

  • Fixed a JavaScript bug that caused the grid module to break at certain breakpoints

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting a page’s image.

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