rukzuk Sprint 40

Max Koehler

We got lots of stuff done in January. On the marketing side, we're getting to know our users better and started to showcase the great work they are doing with rukzuk. The developement team made some big changes to the existing module set and started work on the shop module.

Introduced the container module, deprecated the box module

The old box module wasn't really achieving what we were trying to do and led to some pretty severe technical issues in webkit-based browsers (Safari, iPhone, iPad). It's a known bug that unfortunately we can't to much about.

Instead, we replaced the box with the new, much cleaner container module. It's primarily meant for grouping elements of your layouts. We moved the advanced layout functions the box had to the grid module, which provides a much better interface to use them. You can, however, set the container's height relative to its width which proves to be very useful in fluid layouts.

The box module will still be available foŕ legacy reasons, but we strongly advice against using it in new projects as we'll be unable to address issues that might come up.

Viewport Width/Height Units

CSS lets you size elements relative to the viewport's width and height. We've added the option to use those viewport-relative units in the width and height style as well as in the font style.

New Website Template

We used the new viewport width and height units to build this floke, the latest addition to our website templates. It features big images, bold typography and a fully responsive layout and will serve as a great starting point for your next band- or music-related project.

Shop Module coming up

It's happening! After some brainstorming earlier this week the developent team started setting up the foundations for the shop module.

We've made big progress and will continue to put lots of effort into this in the upcoming sprints. We're not quite ready to announce a release date just yet, but stay tuned.

Filter Style

The new filter style gives you access to powerful CSS filters. We've been holding back on this one , but with browser support getting pretty good, there's no reason to anymore.

The filter style works on all modules and is fully integrated with the transition styles and state selectors.

Responsive Images with Retina support

We revamped the way we handle responsive images and switched from a custom-built library to lazysizes. This allows us to load images faster and serve crisper images to high-resolution screens (think retina iMac) while being future-friendly by using he srcset syntax. We'll discuss our reponsive image approach further in an upcoming blogpost.

Community and User Research


We figured we should know more about our users if we wanted to build a product that really fits their needs. So we developed an email survey for active free users and did phone interviews with a few selected power users. The results are definitely interesting, and we're looking into what changes we can make based on them.

Revamped Publishing Documentation

We put a lot of effort into making our publishing documentation more concise and easier to follow. It's now divided in these 3 parts:

  1. Publishing your website
  2. Connecting your own domain
  3. Publishing to External Webhosting 


Lots of people use rukzuk to build great websites and we decided to start sharing some of our favourites. Check out #BuiltWithRukzuk on Twitter or Facebook or check out our staff picks on Also, if you have used rukzuk to build a site you're proud of, let us know! We'd be happy to share it.

Minor Changes

  • The breadcrumb navigation module now lets you filter by element position. If you want to style, say the third link in your breadcrumb navigation, you can now do that.
  • Some additions to the link module: 
    • You can set a title attribute now. 
    • If the link module has child elements, you can now specify wether you'd like the link text to be displayed at the top or at the bottom. 
    • If a link module points to the page the user is on, you can now style it differently via a selector module.
  • The lightbox will now always display the full image instead of a cropped version.
  • Support for Internet Explorer 8: Due to decreasing usage, we will stop optimizing websites created with rukzuk for IE8. All module updates after 04/01/2015 will be tested in Internet Explorer 9 and higher.
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