rukzuk Sprint 39 – Little big details

Peter Schramm

2014 is almost over, but we have some little big details in the last sprint review.


You will find the frequently asked questios on our new FAQ page: We will constantly update the page.

Page editing rights are now visible in the Layout structure tree

To give you an even quicker overview of the page editing rights we now show added a small lock icon when a module has editing rights defined.

Custom HTML classes for modules

We added an input field to each module's metadata tab that lets you type in custom HTML classes for that module. That’s especially helpful when you're tying to select certain modules via JavaScript.

First english webinar

We did our very first English webinar on "Getting started with rukzuk" on Monday this week. You will find the recording here. We will announce the upcoming dates for the next English and German webinars soon. 

Update payment information

Now you can easily update your payment information in the customer area.


In some cases the lightbox ui elements were hidden behind fixed positiond modules. Now the lightbox will automatically get a higher z-index, which solves the problem. Also we show the lightbox close button on mobile devices now. 

Images inside of a collapsible container would show up in the smallest resolution due to our responsive image solution. They should load in the correct resolution now.

Press coverage

Smashing Magazine mentioned us on their Facebook page.

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