Sprint 47: Agency Plan, Co-Branding, User Showcase

Max Koehler

This sprint, the first results of our new user analysis came in, published a new module and shipped the first iteration of the co-branding feature, meeting one of the most frequent feature requests.

    The agency plan now includes co-branding

    Today we’re happy to announce that, on top of 50 concurrent projects, 30 live websites and priority support, our agency plan now includes the first iteration of our co-branding feature.

    Log into your customer area to upload a custom logo and define a primary colour to be used throughout the application. This works on a per-space basis, so every user in your organisation and your clients will see your custom branding.

    Login screen with custom logo and colour.

    Login screen with custom logo and colour.

    “Text with Image” module released

    The “Text with Image” module is the latest addition to our native module set. We found that combining an image and a paragraph of text is such a common pattern that it’s worth providing an abstraction for it. By making the most common layout variants available right from the module settings, we can save our users the time building these patterns from scratch for every project.

    As a new feature, you can now set text to dynamically flow around an image, which wasn’t possible before. And if you need something more special, you can always build that with the regular grid, image and text modules. Check out the video below to see the new module in action.

      ”Newsletter with MailChimp“ module released

      Want to offer your visitors a way to sign up for your newsletter? Our new “Newsletter with MailChimp” module makes that easier. It’s designed to make it as easy to possible to embed MailChimp’s signup forms into your FLYERALARM Web Design projects and use our style modules to make them look just the way you want.

      Read all the details in the “Newsletter with MailChimp” tutorial.

      Better W3C HTML5 Validity, removed IE8 Support

      We stopped officially supporting Internet Explorer 8 a while ago. In this sprint, we finally got around to removing some of the fallback code we had in place to make things work in IE8. This allows us to develop our modules with state-of-the-art web technologies and e.g. use the latest version of jQuery. Also created websites now have a better validity according to the W3C HTML5 Standard.

        Heat Map analysis

        As part of our focus on better analytics, we tried a couple of different analysis tools to find out how people are using our website. We looked at metrics like scroll behaviour, mouse movement and click activity.

        This graphic, for example, shows how far people scroll down our front page. Red means lots of people scroll to a certain point, yellow and grean mean fewer people do.

        We’ll definitely take this into consideration in the upcoming redesign of our homepage.

        Scrolling Behaviour on flyeralarm-webdesign.com

        Scrolling Behaviour on flyeralarm-webdesign.com


        People use our platform to build more and more awesome projects in all kinds of areas. This sprint we built a dedicated page at flyeralarm-webdesign.com/en/spotlight to showcase the very best examples of what can be done. Have a website to submit? Hit us up on Twitter @rukzuk or use the hashtag #BuiltWithRukzuk

        Redesigned Tutorial Page

        We often get questions that are actually already answered in our tutorials, our FAQ and our Community. We think some might have trouble finding the different pages (e.g. the FAQ page), because they were listed in different places, and also finding certain information quickly on those pages.

        In this sprint we combined our different help pages into one central hub — the Tutorial Center. Now you’ll find a global search function, short links to the FAQ, the community and links to contact our support team directly. We also reordered the tutorial categories and the individual tutorials from a user perspective.

        psd2rukzuk: Bureau Hints + Fonts

        Max finished up the website for the independent design agency Hints + Fonts this sprint, wrapping up our psd2rukzuk promotion. We’ll publish another post wrapping up the contest early next week. In the meantime, check out the timelapse videos of us building the sites for Radebo Consulting and Hotel Vigilerhof.


            • Updated responsive image libraries to the latest version
            • Exclude current page from the modules page and product list
            • Better validation of required fields in the form module
            • IFrame module now displays a hint when embedding websites with HTTP protocol
            • Optimized server monitoring
            • Optimized backend stability
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