Sprint 45 – A fresh Look

Jochen Fuchs

The biggest task in this sprint was of course the change in branding we had to implement in both all our marketing material and the application itself. Besides that, we pushed some refinements to our user interface, updated some of our marketing emails and made our internal infrastructure more stable and reliable.

New Corporate Design

As you might have noticed, we have a new logo, a new colour and a new name. We’ve put together an announcment post covering details and reasoning behind those changes. The new identity is now live across our channels on Facebook and Twitter, our website and the application itself.


Since we had to update our email communication to match the new corporate identity anyways, we took the opportunity to rethink our signup flow. We’ve streamlined the content to give new users just the information they need at various points in their 30-day trial phase.

We’ve also built a custom grunt-based workflow to generate our HTML emails from flat text files, allowing our team to iterate on content and design a lot faster than before.

Screenshot of our new onboarding email

Screenshot of our new onboarding email.


Continuing our psd2rukzuk series, we published a screencast of one of our in-house designers building a real-world project. This time, it’s a large hotel website with lots of different content and functionality. See the recording here.

New Templates

Moyo and Chui are the two latest additions to our growing collection of website templates for you to kickstart your projects. They’re both especially useful for travel- and photography-focussed sites. You can see them live right in the application.

Chui, the latest addition to our website templates

Chui, the latest addition to our website templates

UX Improvements

In our continued effort to make rukzuk easier and more effective to use, we’ve made some improvements to the user interface.

Context menu

As layouts become more complex, navigating and finding specific modules in the tree view becomes more and more difficult. That’s why we introduced a new, context-sensitive menu that gives you information on any layout element, right in the preview area. Simply click an element in your design to see its name and associated style modules.

The smart new context menu

The smart new context menu

“Edit Layout” Button

Here’s something we’ve seen both external users and members of our team do time and time again: They’ll work on a page, then realise they need to adjust some module settings, and have to go back to the layout to do that.

By adding a “Edit Layout” button right in the module settings panel in page mode, we were able to brig that interaction from 3 clicks down to one, speeding it up signifficantly and removing unnesscesary traction from the workflow.

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