Introducing the new rukzuk UI

Jochen Fuchs

Over the course of the last few weeks we took a close look at our user interface and, taking into account both our own experience and suggestions from our users, made some huge changes to it. We came up with a completely reworked interface that's far more intuitive, clearer and easier to use.

Less is more

By focussing on what’s most important we made rukzuk much easier to use whithout cutting any of your design freedom. Adding modules via the new dropdowns is now more fun than ever, and as a side effect we made more room for the module settings.

Assign editing rights with just one click directly from the respective tabs. You can now see structure tree, module settings and editing rights all at once.

Modules, Snippets & Styles

Modules, styles and snippets are now right were you need them – above the structure tree. Add them to your layout the way you’re used to via drag&drop or click.

Modules are now far quicker to find because we grouped them by function rather than having you scroll through one huge list.

Assigning editing rights became easier

A single click on the lock icon makes the module settings editable in page mode. That makes things more transparent and will hopefully save you considerable amounts of time.

The Context Menu got a new Home

We moved the context menu for the modules to the small hamburger icon on teh ight side of the modules. It lets you clone, rename and delete modules or create snipppets quickly.

Instant Sidebar Switcher

Don’t worry, we didn't forget about the two-column view. You can still access it via the icon in the bottom-left corner.

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