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  • Sprint 47: Agency Plan, Co-Branding, User Showcase

    This sprint, the first results of our new user analysis came in, published a new “Text with Image” module and shipped the first iteration of the co-branding module, meeting one of the most frequent feature requests.

  • Making Responsive Design even Easier

    Having control over almost all module settings at different breakpoints might be one of the most important features we have to offer. Today we’re happy to introduce some changes to interface and functionality that we think will make testing your designs at different resolutions and changing things at various breakpoints a lot easier and quicker. We’ve been working on this for a long time.

  • Sprint 46: Cleanup

    In this sprint, we focussed on cleaning up and refining our application and infrastructure in multiple areas. In addition to that, we switched all our analytics to the brand new Heap Analytics (the marketing team loves it) and introduced default values to most style modules to make for a more responsive user experience.

  • Sprint 45 – A fresh Look

    The biggest task in this sprint was of course the change in branding we had to implement in both all our marketing material and the application itself. Besides that, we pushed some refinements to our user interface, updated some of our marketing emails and made our internal infrastructure more stable and reliable.

  • rukzuk Trial limited to 30 days

    Up until now, you could try rukzuk for as long as you wanted. After careful consideration, we have decided to limit this free trial phase to 30 days.

  • rukzuk Sprint 43 Shop and SEO

    March was another busy month for us. Our developers had their heads deep in the new shop platform. The marketing team started preparing the launch of that platform and helped our Head of Marketing Jochen publish his insight on modern SEO.

  • SEO 2015 Offpage Optimisation

    It’s without question that Google uses backlinks in their ranking algorithm, but how exactly and to what extent they do it isn’t as clear. Lots of what gets thrown around comes from Google’s early days, when the raw number of backlinks was a vital ranking factor.

  • seo 2015 new ranking factors

    So far we have looked at content, site structure and technology as factors to get you ahead in the race for good search engine rankings. But search engines are evolving constantly. In the future completely new, unknown factors will start playing a bigger and bigger role.

  • SEO 2015 Technicalities

    In the previous article I broke down some general concepts to help you structure your content in a way that's easy to grasp for both human visitors and search engines. Once you've done that, you should be in pretty good shape SEO-wise. Some simple, technical tricks will help you increase your competetive advantage even further.

  • SEO 2015 Structured content FTW

    As described in the previous article, meaningful content is by far the most important factor in modern search engine optimisation. Once you've got that down though, it's worth spending some time and consideration on the strucure of your site. What technical and organisational guidelines should you keep in mind when designing a new website? The goal is always to make it as easy as possible for both human users and search engine bots to navigate your site quickly.

  • SEO 2015  Content is King

    SEO has become much more complex and sophisticated. Most importantly: You’re writing for your people, not robots.

  • SEO 2015 - Myth and Reality

    Is my website really SEO-friendly? Can Google see my site? I get this kind of questions almost daily. But what's the answer? Well, SEO is quite a beast of its own. Two or three years ago, answering those questions would have been easy, but in 2015? Entirely different story.

  • Workflows compared

    There’s tons of different ways to get from client briefing to a live, working website. We've put the three most popular workflows up against each other. What's your workflow of choice?

  • rukzuk Sprint 40

    We got lots of stuff done in January. On the marketing side, we got to know our users better and started to showcase the great work they are doing with rukzuk. The developement team made some big changes to the existing module set and started work on the shop module.

  • rukzuk Sprint 39 – Little Big Details

    2014 is almost over, but we have some little big details in the last sprint review.

  • Quick Tip: Image Maps in rukzuk

    Imagemaps are certainly a bit of a throwback to the old days of web design. I wasn't even around back then, so I had my boss explain to me what they were about. You'd have a <map> tag in your HTML that defined a set of coordinates with hrefs associated to them. Then you'd reference that map from an image tag, and the areas you defined would magically become clickable in the image. Wild stuff.

  • rukzuk Sprint 38

    Sprint review time! Our big focus this sprint was getting more people to try rukzuk and making it easier for new users to get going.

  • rukzuk Sprint 37

    We like to keep everyone on the same page as to what's been going on with rukzuk. That's why from now on we'll publish a quick summary of what we've been working on by the end of every two-week sprint. Here's the first one, enjoy!

  • Introducing the New rukzuk UI

    Over the course of the last few weeks we took a close look at our user interface and, taking into account both our own experience and suggestions from our users, made some huge changes to it. We came up with a completely reworked interface that's far more intuitive, clearer and easier to use.

  • Hello World

    As of today, this is where we'll keep you updated on the latest news around rukzuk and webdesign in general. We'll regulary post articles, tips on how to use rukzuk, new and experimental modules and share what we're working on at the moment.

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