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Visual Responsive Web Design

Visual Responsive Web Design

Create your layout without writing code – even for tablets and smartphones. Ensure fitting designs for every device via instant live preview.

Visual Responsive Web Design

Pixel-perfect Look & Feel

Quickly transform your ideas into beautiful websites. Use infinite styling options for every nifty detail.

Pixel-perfect Look and Feel
Seamlessly Integrated CMS

Seamlessly Integrated CMS

Manage websites with an unlimited number of pages. Let others, e.g. your clients or your team manage the content. Assign specific editing rights for every little element.

Seamlessly Integrated CMS

Flexible Content Blocks for Pages

Define content blocks in your layout which can be inserted and edited in pages.

Flexible Content Blocks for Pages
Happy-Go-Lucky Webhosting

Happy-Go-Lucky Webhosting

Publish your website with one click to the integrated webspace. Connect your custom domain. Or publish to your existing webspace.

Happy-Go-Lucky Webhosting

Who needs rukzuk?

Create websites independent from developers. 

With rukzuk the complete process remains in your hands. No more complicated photoshop-drafts that must be transferred laboriously into code. You are in control from the first pixel to going live.

In control of the complete design process

You determine every pixel and create responsive websites without writing a single line of code.

Customize every detail of your website individually

The complete content of your website is customizable. Define how your layout behaves for every mobile device individually.

Turning from web designer to developer

With rukzuk you’ll create state of the art websites in HTML5 and CSS3 – without expensive developers.

Speed up your workflow with rukzuk.

Drafts and projects can be easily shared and edited together. Sizing feedback loops down to a minimum, since changes are visible instantly.

All projects in one space

Set up as many websites and projects as you need and manage all of them with the integrated CMS. One website can contain an infinite number of pages and levels.

Working together in a team effectively

User groups and their editing rights can be set for each element of a layout. Via QR code, drafts can be tested constantly on every device, integrating feedback perfectly into your design process.

One website – many projects

rukzuk makes your design process as fast as never before. Design your master website and create an infinite number of similar websites in no time. By duplicating your pages, you can create complex websites efficiently.

Boost your company’s sales with landing pages, product  or event sites.

Get on the right track to turn your visitors into long-term clients. Create tremendous landing pages to increase your revenue, represent your business and products with professional websites — independently from the IT departement.

Landing pages for more success

To promote sales, companies need a variety of landing pages to find the best converting one. With rukzuk you can create astounding product sites, showcases or set-up the whole online presence of your company on your own.

rukzuk helps google to find you

Simple modules help to build up a SEO-compliant website. Site Description, Meta-Information – everything can be added easily.

Save expensive developers 

rukzuk saves you the costs for expensive developers, since you can create modern websites without writing a single line of code.

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Press coverage

smashing magazine

Looks pretty good: Rukzuk, a CMS/platform to help you design responsive layouts.



No Ordinary Website Builder: Rukzuk Stands Out from the Crowd.

I know of every site builder worth mentioning in the whole wide web; several I know like the back of my hand. None of them can match the breadth of capability Rukzuk boasts.

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One tool for all cases.

The founders of rukzuk have deliberately opted for an all-in-one solution and present website-builder, authoring tools and content management system fused perfectly in one tool.

weave magazin


seitenbau gmbh

Wow: it’s always amazing what great websites you can achieve with this system in a very short time.

Dominik Kraus – Marketing & Sales

I know of every site builder worth mentioning in the whole wide web; several I know like the back of my hand. None of them can match the breadth of capability Rukzuk boasts. If you’re already familiar with visual web-design software and have some coding knowledge, you’d be hard-pressed to find even a comparable service, let alone a better one.

Dieter Petereit – Editor-In-Chief,

I’m attracted to Rukzuk’s functional WSIWYG layout as opposed to clunky WP theme adaptation designs.

Jeremy Le Fèvre

I looked at different competitors like Squarespace, Webflow, Webydo … For your target audience (graphic designer, web designer ), I see you in prime position. You own the only real CMS integration.

Stefan Herzet – Head of Design, SEITENBAU GmbH

Rukzuk is a revolution for Content Management Systems.

Carsten Buchholz

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